April 26, 2011

Here's Snickers

Snickers was lucky enough to be adopted by Ann, Lucky's best friend and a very regular regular at Norm's Island. This is one extremely "cute" boy
Snickers and his friend Lucky. Snickers is just oh maybe eight or nine weeks now. Ann has to carry him quite a lot as she makes her way around the island. Still a baby.

Snickers is pretty curious about me and my camera.  Blanca played very gently with the little guy, which makes me pretty happy. Snickers was very curious about Blanca. Snickers is pretty curious about everything.

Did I say that this is one seriously cute puppy?  He was having so much fun, he of course tired very quickly.

He would do this to all the dogs that came along, his only way to see who they were. Snickers is a cross between a Dachshund and a Yorkie. Nobody's allowed to call him a dorky, except Ann, if she wants to. She rescued him.

What a happy boy. He is very lucky because he will be able to come to the Island regularly and romp and be joyful with all the other dogs. It's a good dogs life.

Thanks to all the peeps that have made Norm's Island such a wonderful place for the dogs and their peeps to walk and run and be happy, along with all the other people that come to Norm's regularly to walk and run and enjoy it's beauty.


  1. Snickers is really cute. Great photos!

  2. Few come any cuter than Snickers. Ann, you lucked out. Mike/Diego

  3. Oooh - Snickers is a sweetie! My friends' King Charles Cavalier Spaniel does the same jumping into the other dog's mouth. I think he's just trying to get to their level. When he does it with Duke, I call it the "lion tamer routine".

  4. Snickers is a real cutie, and fortunately Fergus has learned the smaller dogs and puppies don't need a good mauling to realize who's boss. Last Saturday though both Snickers and Fergus had a great time roughhousing with Lucky.