April 24, 2011

Easter News Update

Owl update. On Friday the owl nest blew out of the tree. I walked on Saturday and spent some time looking for the owl baby, nada. That was in the morning.  I was told today that yesterday evening, Saturday, someone found the fledgeling and took it to Moore Lane Veterinarians and they took it to the Zoo, which is to send it to the Bozeman Raptor Center. This is all third party information, so I know nothing myself, but it is what I was told. That indeed was a big wind on Friday. Does anyone have solid information about what happened to the baby owls?

 Choco and his friend Jersey. This photo was taken last fall.

Chocolate meets his old friend Jersey
Today we met Barb and her friend walking with a group of dogs, one of which was Chocolates very favorite friend Jersey.  I seldom see Chocolate make friends with other dogs, but he and Jersey just love each other. It is fun to watch. Chocolate said he hopes Barb will email me so we can arrange for him to see Jersey again.  They just ran and ran chasing one another, and this after we had already made two laps around the Island and Choco was exhausted.  It was great. Choco was so happy.

 I believe this is when Jersey first met Choco and Blanca.

Outspoken Critics
I was told by two people that they encountered two very aggressive and rude runners on the Island today, who had not even been bothered by dogs but were aggressive anyway, kicking dogs and calling dog owners names. Unfortunate stuff. There are a few very vocal people advocating against dogs on Norm's Island. We, dog lovers and Norm's Island lovers need to keep on top of this.


  1. I hate it when this dog/no-dog conflict arises. There are so many places in Billings for runners, and so very few that allow off-leash dogs - it seems there is plenty of room for everyone to have what they want. Runners who don't want to encounter dogs can enjoy the trails across the road at Riverfront Park. Maybe it would be helpful to post a notice on the board to that effect?

  2. I have to agree with Shannon. There are so many places for people who don't like dogs to run, walk, bike, and so few places for those of us with dogs who like to walk with our four legged friends and them with their four legged friends.

    There are a number of people who walk on Norm's Island without dogs and get along well with the dogs and their people, but there always seem to be troublemakers who have to have their own way.

  3. Norm's is a great place for everybody, and no admission fee. Dogs and their companions, kids and their parents, walkers and joggers have a great environment to be a part of. Somewhere along the way, as some people grew up, they forgot what it meant to play nice and share the playground. Too bad. Life's far too short to be greedy and stupid about something that's not even theirs to be stupid and greed about. Mike/Diego