April 7, 2011

Penny, Holly and Ms Mel

Beautiful Holly. That is her friend Harley in the background. Holly is a greyhound mix, and she has a very regal self possessed way about her. Very gentle feeling. Nice dog.  Holly and Harley regularly walk at Norm's Island with their best friend Shannon.

Today I got another great picture of my friend Penny. I like penny, she is very soft.  She has become friendly to me, which is very nice.  Penny walks everyday with her friends Cathy and Ms. Mel.

Today was the first day I have been able to get a good picture of Ms Mel.  She holds back.  She has had a difficult life, living in a puppy mill most of her life making puppies.  She has a good life now.  About six months ago she was hit by a speeding car and was hurt very badly. Her friend Cathy held nothing back in making Ms Mel be whole again. She is doing well now. Makes us happy.

Penny Loves Holly.  Penny is usually very reserved, showing little emotion. But when she saw Holly she came alive. I have never seen Penny this animated. It was great to see. Holly has a very gentle way about her, I am sure that Penny likes this.  My softy boy Chocolate was also liking Holly, and he does not show affection to a lot of dogs.  I love all youse dogs (gals)

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