October 27, 2012

First Snow and Finnegan

The Little Big Man, Finnegan.  This was Thursday, and we had a very nice snow fall while we were walking at Norm's.  Finny is curious why I am squatting down, and at first I thought that he was ruining my photo, but luckily I recovered and saw that he made the photograph. Good little man.

Love this.  Chocolate had went ahead to investigate a walker.  Usually it is Blanca that is the investigator, but she stuck with me this day.  They were tired at this point, we were on our third lap and they had done a lot of playing.  I Love my dogs.  Does it show?  I hope.

October 19, 2012

All My Friends

Enjoying a walk with all my favorite friends at Norm Schoenthal Island.   As you can tell by the green, it was taken a few weeks ago. Photograph by my good friend Michael E Garcia.

October 15, 2012

Walking With Our Friend Missy . . .

We were fortunate this morning to get to the Island at about the same time as our good friend Missy Seu.  We stopped at one of our favorite stick chasing spots and Finny, Chocolate and Emma chased sticks.  Emma is taking a turn out here.  So; Lucy, Missy holding my Nina Blanca, and Emma.
The weather was absolutely perfect.  One could not feel the air, the temperature was perfect. So wonderful.

Technocolour Chocolate.  As I am writing I am aware that I am always describing our times spent at Norm Schoenthal Island in very superlative terms. Well, that is the way it is.  Maybe I will do a post on politics.  Maybe not.

The Slough.  Had to look up the spelling on that one.  One just floats around the island in a sea of visual stimulation.  Was that too much?

October 13, 2012

Autumn Reflections

Blanca checking out her reflection.  Can dogs be narcissistic.
Norms is beautiful now.  I think it is beautiful always, but the fall, and seemingly this fall, is exceptional. 
I have been walking with a new friend, Kay, with her gorgeous Australian Shepherds Bally and Selkie, and their new friend Rolo.  I really like Bally, she is very similar in temperament to my boy Chocolate.  Selkie is more like Finnegan.  Always on the move. I will get some photos of them. Soon.

October 1, 2012


I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to start the month of October off on the correct foot and  . . .  Post.  I have been negligent.
This is one of Blanca's favorite friends, Bozzy.  He and Blanca are very similar, same build, same movements, same shape heads, the colour is the only difference. Oh yeah, the tail.  Bozzy has the most magnificent tail. It would be cool if Blanca had one, a tail. But then, as I think about how much work it is keeping her bum clean, maybe no tail is good.
I love this picture.  Bozzy is a beautiful boy. Of course you all know what I think of my Nina Blanca.