October 24, 2011

Napoleon, For Our New Friend Missy

Napoleon is one of the coolest dogs about town.  I met him when he was a young pup, this picture was taken in December of 2008.
I post this today because this morning we met a really cool woman, and I hope a new friend, Missy, and she likes French Bulldogs. Besides, it is about time that Napoleon made an appearance here on the weblog, since I hold him in such high regard.
A truly beautiful boy.

October 23, 2011

We Had Fun at Wine and Whiskers - Great Fun!

Linda and I had a fantastic time last evening at the Rimrock Humane Society's Wine and Whiskers.  I took many photographs, and have posted them on their own page. For those interested in purchasing larger sizes and better quality than can be had by right clicking and downloading them from this webblog, please contact me, all proceeds will go to the Rimrock Humane Society.
I have created a separate page for the photographs:  Wine and Whiskers Photographs
I just discovered that if you click on the first photograph on the Wine and Whiskers page, the photographs will open big in a viewer.  A new feature in the ever evolving world of Google.