December 30, 2016


We started our walk this morning in a calm quiet setting. About half way around we all of a sudden found ourselves in a serious snowstorm.  Thought we might try for a portrait under the beautiful conditions. There are a bunch of dogs and people behind me so I had trouble getting Choco to pay attention to me. Not Blanca.

Moxie surveying one of my favorite fields. Over the years I have had many favorite fields at Norms, but slowly with the increased traffic they have been in one way or another diminished. I am not saying where this is. 

The famous view down the Slough, with lots of snow. Not much water flowing today. Not much water flowing for a couple of years now, not since the big flood filled it withe stones and gravel.

Chilly Walkin at Norm's Island

Our great friend Michael E Garcia and his best bud Diego, with Mike modeling his new Outback hat. Quite a nice hat. The cane prop is mine, he is holding it for me while I slip and slide around on the snow.

Our new friend Moxie, who walks with her friend Susan at Norm's most mornings lately.  I am still working on getting the definitive photograph of Moxie. She is a mover, so one has to be quick. I have not been quick enough yet.

December 12, 2016

Major Cold Spell Means Major Napping

Norm's? No way. Every morning when we get up the thermometer says something close to 0. Today the high is 8. So Nina Blanca has the right idea, stretch out on a comfy fleece blanket on the cozy soft bed. Softer anyway. She likes to stay in the basement, and gets annoyed when I wrap myself in a blanket on the couch upstairs. She hits me than runs downstairs. She thinks we are supposed to be in the basement. We usually are, but the cold drives me upstairs.

Lest You Think all We Do, Chocolate, Blanca and I, is lay about and Sleep, I shall attempt to dispel this idea by posting one of my very favorite photos of Blanca. Action, Outside, Beauty, Cold Hands.

December 2, 2016

Keller, Braille and friend Ozzie, the Double Merles

Photos by Rose Adler Photography
I stumbled across a page today on Facebook about a woman that is trying to educate the world, and breeders, about the issue of mating merle to merle. My Nina Blanca is white, deaf, and vision impaired because both of her parents were blue merle. Any merle coloring will do the same, so red merle to red merle is a no no also. My boy Chocolate is a red merle.
Here is the link to their website if you are interested in this issue.

Well, curses. I just was told that the photo above is Keller and Ozzie. So I will put a photo of Braille.

This is Braille. Braille is both deaf and blind. Keller is vision impaired like my Blanca.
I thank kellerscause for letting me use their photographs. I love that they are educating the world about this issue. My Nina Blanca to me is the greatest dog in the world (you did not hear that Choco) but it would be great if all breeders would be aware of this issue and were responsible about it. Luckily for Keller, Braille and Ozzie, there are big hearted people in the world.