January 31, 2012

Best Friends

We started out taking Little Big Man, Finny, with us just on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Then we added Wednesday, then Saturday.  Finally we decided we really liked The Little Man and we would stop off and get him every morning.  He predictably is looking out the window as we drive up to the house.  It took a while, but Chocolate finally accepted LBM and they have become great buddies.  Choco even defends Finn from bigger dogs, though Finnegan needs no protection, the reason we call him LBM.

 Little Big Man.  Finny and I get along really swell.  He comes when I call, and he has been doing a really good job of not jumping when I yell for him to not do so.  It is complicated keeping him from jumping, because the little man likes to dance, Linda has taught him, so he has gotten used to being on his back legs. He is quite the dancer. I need to get a video up of him.
Finnegan's mom was a Sheltie, his dad was a Schnauzer. He has energy in abundance.

 Blanca liked Finnigan the first time they met.  They are great buddies, and keep us entertained for hours with their shenanigans. The love to wrestle and play the mouthing game.

January 28, 2012

Ranger, Mr. Energy . . .

Ranger walks everyday at the Island with his peep friend Robert.  Everyday, unlike wimpy me that stays away on the really cold days.  Ranger is a Labradoodle, and is the best looking one I have seen.  He is a perfect size, just a little bigger than Choco-Blanca, with great color.  He is very much Mr. High Energy.  He is even too much for Finny.  Ranger plays well with Brisbane.

 Makes one wonder if he can see where he is going.  Finny has the same problem, and he has been known to run into trees.

Ranger with his buddy Brisbane.  They are a good match.  Brisbane has the energy and the body mass to keep up with Ranger. Go guys.

Ranger is one good looking dog.  He is big on sticks.

Luke on a Cloudy Day - Much Better

Luke is a beautiful boy.  We have been seeing him quite often and as he gets used to our group he has been learning to join in.  At first he was hesitant.  After all, we are a bunch of dogs, and a very tight knit group.  We often see Luke when we are with Brisbane, and they get along famously.

I love Luke's coloring.  Great ears.  He is very compact, and energetic.  He and Finny should be great playmates, but so far they are tentative.

Luke photographs much better on an overcast day, like this day.  Choco and Blanca were playing their circle chase game, and Luke is watching.  We posted a photo of Luke a couple days ago, but it was from a sunny day, and not as good.

January 20, 2012


We have been seeing Luke at the Island regularly as of late.  A beautiful Blue Healer, with a nice way about him. He walks with his friend Amber.

I will put more photos of Luke up.  What I need right now are snow picture, but I am not going out there, no way.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer and overcast, sounds good for photographs to me.  Luke would photograph better if it were overcast. He is naturally a very high contrast dog, hahaha.

January 11, 2012


We met Walter yesterday.  He is a very nice fella, friendly and outgoing.  He was walking the Island on only the second day with his new Peep, who had found him listed on Craigs list. Amazing that someone could let this beautiful boy go.  Walter is two years old, and it looks like he has a very good new home. Welcome to Billings and the Island Walter.  Hope to see you often.  I apologize for Blanca's behaviour, she does not like to share me, you just got too close.

Guest Photographer Michael E. Garcia

We have another owl on the Island.  The same one?  Whoooo knows.  He/she has taken up residence a little further west than the owl we had last year. Owls do not build their own nests, but use nests built by other birds. We have not seen any nesting so far. It is a Great Horned Owl.
This photograph is by our friend and Island regular Michael E. Garcia.
Great photo Mike, Thanks.