January 28, 2012

Ranger, Mr. Energy . . .

Ranger walks everyday at the Island with his peep friend Robert.  Everyday, unlike wimpy me that stays away on the really cold days.  Ranger is a Labradoodle, and is the best looking one I have seen.  He is a perfect size, just a little bigger than Choco-Blanca, with great color.  He is very much Mr. High Energy.  He is even too much for Finny.  Ranger plays well with Brisbane.

 Makes one wonder if he can see where he is going.  Finny has the same problem, and he has been known to run into trees.

Ranger with his buddy Brisbane.  They are a good match.  Brisbane has the energy and the body mass to keep up with Ranger. Go guys.

Ranger is one good looking dog.  He is big on sticks.

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  1. Great capture of Ranger's face. Keeping on clicking. Mike/Diego