November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Nina Blanca, Chocolate and I all hope everyone had a good day today. It was a beautiful day. We continue to have gorgeous wonderful weather, not so good if you think we need rain, but a pleasure to have for walking at Norm's Island.

I repeat this photo from a couple days ago. It just goes perfectly with the photo of Blanca.

November 21, 2016

Beautiful Bally

Walked with a large group of dogs today at Norm's. I got a many many blurry captures of running dogs. That's okay, I got this wonderful photo of one of my very favorite dogs, Beautiful Bally.

I will ad a blurry action photo. Let's call it "Arty"

The shepherd is Elsa and the healer mix is Moxie. We have been seeing them alot at Norm's the last week or two, and greatly enjoying their company. They are great pals and are very energetic. I wish I had my old D300 to track the action. I sold it. Looking for a new action camera. 

November 15, 2016

With Some Help From Friends

Meet Moxie. We have been fortunate to meet Moxie and her peep Susan walking at Norm's. Moxie is a very high energy and sweet girl. Loves her sticks. Some Heeler, some Aussie and some Pit Bull, maybe. I can see the Heeler in her energy and determination. Susan has done a wonderful job with her.
We have had weeks of gorgeous weather. It looks like tomorrow it will change. It's okay, we have had a glorious run.

With the help of our friends Susan and Kay we were able to get this great photo of my boy Chocolate.

I cannot let a walk at Norms pass without a photo of my beautiful girl