Joy at Norm Schoenthal Island

Walking with my dogs at Norm Schoenthal Island is one of the joys of my life.  Currently I am spending several hours a day out there.  The joy dogs experience being in such a wonderful, open, stimulating environment is wonderful.  My dogs are besides themselves with happiness when they are at Norm's Island. And for me, it relieves and soothes the stresses of the modern world.  I feel whole, relaxed and a part of nature at Norm's Island.
On this page I am going to post pictures with no commentary of dogs expressing the joy of being at Norm's.

Nina Blanca Explores the heights on the leaning tree, which is just west of Dog Beach.
Our friend Brisbane, a very high energy boy, expresses joy at being free to run at Norm's.
Dog see Dog do.  Finnegan saw Blanca climb the tree, so he had to do it too.
I love the energy of this photo.  Kaia is running just above the beach.
Karla and Koda practice the jumping in one of our favorite open fields.

I have been gathering information about the status of Norm's Island, information that is spread over several years of various meetings of official organizations and city government.  I have been thinking a lot about what I have been reading and learning.  I would like to make this page be a gathering place for this information.

We all have our thing.  I like to walk with my dogs, others ride mountain bikes, some run, some just like to walk on a sunny afternoon.  It seem some of us do not like some of the others.  Me, I am not fond of bikes on Norms primarily because of a few not very courteous bike rides, plus I think the world we live in is chock full of wheels and devices of all kinds.  It is nice to get away from all mechanical technical stuff for a change.  Others do not like dogs, and they should not be forced to defend themselves from them to enjoy the wonder of Norm's Island.

People walking their dogs at Norm's Island should be aware of all this.  They should be willing to be responsible for their dogs output (poop) and their behavior.  If your dog is aggressive it should be leashed.  We all should pick up our dogs poop at least when it is near the trail. We should make way for the bikes after they announce themselves. We should be able to control our dogs so we can keep them from jumping or attacking runners.

We all need to be responsible.

I will develop this page on a continual basis, and I welcome ideas and comments.  

I will post links to newspaper articles, meeting minutes, what ever I can find pertinent to the subject.  I have had to work hard to find information about what is going on at Norm's, and I feel this information needs to be out there for everyone to read.


If you are interested in Dog Parks in Billings, Marcia Clausing maintains this Facebook Group.  Friends of Billings Dog Parks   Marcia has also been holding community meetings on the issue of Dog Parks at neighborhood locations.  She is dedicated to this, which is great. Thanks Marcia.

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