December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas To All

What, no dogs?  Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to all my dog friends, and their peeps, too. Christmas tree on Norm's Island.

December 20, 2015

Tired of My Dogs? Here's a slight variation.

This is Kiva. I looked at my blog yesterday and realized that I have not posted a photo of any dogs except mine for quite a long time. So, I looked about and found this pretty good photograph of our friend Kiva. I did not want to venture too far from my usual theme of white dog, so this worked perfectly. With only minor differences, Kiva and Blanca are duplicates. I love it.

December 14, 2015

December 14 They Promised Snow

Another picture of my best friends. I admit, I am in a rut, but I love it and them. They all do this so well. This much snow fell in about 15 minutes. We walked one lab, totally dry, then about half way through the second lab it started coming down. It was beautiful. Not too cold.

November 29, 2015

Focus? Who Cares, it's Snowing.

It has been a really long time since we have tried this. I am using my new (newer) Olympus OM-D 10, which I have never tried doing this with before. It does not have the focus speed that my usual Nikons have, but then, nor do I. I made some mistakes, next time I will try to fix them. The camera has a quadzillion settings, so getting them all set right is one big issue.

This one came out pretty good. You can see Blanca on the left. They are running around a group of bushes. The camera will not follow focus, tracking, so I have to plan to get the photo at a predesignated spot. I have done this before and can get pretty good at it, as long as I know the routine of the chase. I did most of these with the shutter too slow. Been awhile.

They come running at each other, it looks like for sure they are gonna collide, but they just slide by one another. They do not chase, but run in opposite directions. Sometimes they will do this for 15 minutes, but only in the winter.

Here comes Chocolate.

I am hesitant to post this, Blanca looks so vicious. But it is all in the game. She thinks that Choco is her chew toy. He puts up with it, to a point. He has 10 pounds on her, not that it does him much good. She has 50 pounds of attitude on him.
They had an absolute riot. They love the snow. I enjoyed myself too. I love my kids.

November 20, 2015

First Snow

It's finally here, the First Snow. November 20. It was cold too, in the mid-twenties. Cold only because we are not used to it yet. We cut half a lap off, because it was blowing in our faces and ChocoBlanca were having issues with snow in their feet.
Saw a post on Facebook this morning; "I am not built for Winter, where are my flipflops". Feeling that way now.

My boy gets his own photo. This is a good photo of him. He does not always please the camera so much. Blanca is always getting the attention. 

It was really snowing for awhile. It was very pleasant. But it was cold. We were the first footprints through this section. When I arrived ours was the only car in the parking lot except for Merle, who is there all the time. But someone had been out earlier, there were foot prints.

October 23, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day, with Fox

Beautiful Day at Norm's Island. My kids and I were sitting in a field north of Dog Beach and out of the brush and onto the trail comes this beauty. She was walking away from us, so I barked and she turned to look at us. Thank You. Even though she was close, she was pretty far away for a camera. This is a 300mm lens and it is cropped. It was thrilling to see her.
Hopefully more to come. This is the the most beautiful fall I can remember, but then I love them all.

June 5, 2015


We see Skoobie at Norm's several times a week. Not so sure about that spelling. He is a very attractive mix of an Australian Shepherd and an Airdale. Pretty energetic. He walks with his peeps Cheryl and Jack, who are good friends with Sharon Peterson's son Scott. Sharon has been telling me about them for months, and today (it was a couple of weeks ago, I moved this post from May 13, wanted Skoobie to have his own posting) for the first time she met them. It was fun. I would like to get more photographs of Skoobie, he has a very nice personality, plus is a great looking dog.

June 3, 2015


Ah, it sure is nice to have friends. Michael E. Garcia and Missy Seu, my friends. Thank You.

Just to keep my faithful blog followers happy, I paste a current photo of myself. Taken on my recent birthday, and sporting my new hat, a Ridley C-Crown Fedora. I like it. It is the best fitting hat I have ever had, it is stretchy.  I got it at The Village Hat Shop, on the internet. Not a popular style in Billings.

June 2, 2015

Blanca Smiles Choco Grimaces

It's okay Choco. Still playing with my new Olympus OM-D. I am just beginning to figure how to get it to focus the way I want, so we have to endure a lot of photos of my kids, the most at lens subjects.

May 20, 2015

Got a Brand New Camera

This is a Test

Here is my first test photo. The new camera is an Olympus (let's see if I can remember all this) OM-D E-M10. Very small, but high performing camera.  I am making no judgements about it yet, I just got it yesterday. It is small, I will say that. Has lots of customization options (overwhelming, actually).

Anyway, Diego Garcia, with my kids, Nina Blanca Pup Face Finnegan and Chocolate Dulce de Leche. Today was a gorgeous day at Norm's Island. We walked with Diego's peep, Mike, and totally enjoyed the whole time.

May 13, 2015

Spring 2015. One Year Later.

I have been feeling some pressure to post to my blog before a full year passed and finally the motivation arrived. I got an email from my dear friend Ann Marie, whom I had lost track of for twenty five or so years.  So Ann Marie this is what we are looking like circa 2015. Nina Blanca and my boy Chocolate join me for our official spring 2015 portrait. Spring has been very early this year, and I am very late in getting the portrait taken, swat those mosquitoes. Not a very charming photo of my girl and my best friend, but a better than usual photo of me. Finnegan would not participate.
Photo by my great friend Michael E. Garcia

"Whatcha doin" says Blanca.  "Get on with it, would you" says Chocolate