May 21, 2012

Glorious Spring

Our Gang, Finnigan, Chocolate and Nina Blanca.  The Island is absolutely, Glorious. That is the only word for it.  It is green, the air is fresh, the birds are happy and singing away.  The bugs have not arrived yet, some ticks, but not many.  It feels so good.  I went late today, and by the time I took this picture the kids were already hot.  Must start going earlier.  Note to self.

It is green.  In a couple of weeks the grass will be over knee deep, then it will turn brown.  But for now it is lush.  The kids love running through this soft, short grass. It is growing in soft sandy soil, so it must feel wonderful on padded paws.

The slough is wide fast and muddy.  After a few warm days the water is coming down fast. Today was the highest it has been.  I hope it does not flood, the island is just too beautiful right now.  Finny is checking it out.  They, especially Finn, still finds a place to get their feet wet.  They seem to know to stay away from the fast moving areas.  I am not letting Chocolate swim after sticks though, I would have to fish him out way down stream.  For a few days I was throwing the stick upstream and then he would come out just below me, but it is too fast now. He still looks to me to throw sticks though.