October 29, 2013

First Snow

We stayed home yesterday for some psychological adjustment, so today was our official first day of snow for 2013 at Norm's Island.

We had a great time, hardly anyone was there.  It was not cold, and the three mouseketeers had a wonderful time.  Not a one of them was thrilled to be sitting for this photo, but they did it.  Come on, Smile guys.

October 16, 2013

We are Going to Miss Missy - Gathering at Norm's Island

Sunday, October 13, a bunch of us devoted fans of Missy Seu gathered at Norm's Island to walk with her to show how much we love her and how much we will miss her when she moves to Bozeman.
I cannot even begin to name everyone, but those I know are Michael E. Garcia and Diego, Linda and Little Big Man Finnegan,  Merry Ann Peters and Rudy and Ollie, and Phil Seu, Justine Timmons and Marley. Emma is there somewhere, and in the front I see Chocolate and Jill, and I do not know the name of the goldendoodle.