May 20, 2015

Got a Brand New Camera

This is a Test

Here is my first test photo. The new camera is an Olympus (let's see if I can remember all this) OM-D E-M10. Very small, but high performing camera.  I am making no judgements about it yet, I just got it yesterday. It is small, I will say that. Has lots of customization options (overwhelming, actually).

Anyway, Diego Garcia, with my kids, Nina Blanca Pup Face Finnegan and Chocolate Dulce de Leche. Today was a gorgeous day at Norm's Island. We walked with Diego's peep, Mike, and totally enjoyed the whole time.

May 13, 2015

Spring 2015. One Year Later.

I have been feeling some pressure to post to my blog before a full year passed and finally the motivation arrived. I got an email from my dear friend Ann Marie, whom I had lost track of for twenty five or so years.  So Ann Marie this is what we are looking like circa 2015. Nina Blanca and my boy Chocolate join me for our official spring 2015 portrait. Spring has been very early this year, and I am very late in getting the portrait taken, swat those mosquitoes. Not a very charming photo of my girl and my best friend, but a better than usual photo of me. Finnegan would not participate.
Photo by my great friend Michael E. Garcia

"Whatcha doin" says Blanca.  "Get on with it, would you" says Chocolate