December 30, 2011

Our Friend, Brisbane

Here he comes. Blanca, Chocolate, Finny and I, walk with Brisbane and his peoples Steve and Bronwyn quite often, sometimes several times a week. I seldom am able to get very good pictures of Bris because, well, he is a fast moving ball of fur.  But today I worked on it and got some good ones.

Bris is a big boy, weighing I think 65 pounds. Chocolate is 54. He must be part Clydesdale, like Choco. Look at those big feet.

Good looking boy. I would like to get Brisbane with Chocolate for a group portrait, but they ignore each other. Or worse.

One of Brisbanes favorite activities is guarding the edge of the river or the ditch so that whoever, especially Finny, is down by the water cannot get back up. Ha! On Guard!

Oh, poor little innocent Finny.  Don't be fooled, these two energetic boys are the greatest of friends.

Is Finn trying to get Bisbane's Christmas scarf?  Finn can be seen returning the the biting favor quite often. Finny is an instigator. Well, so is Brisbane. Quite the pair. They have a great time together. Fun to watch.

Clicking on any of these photos will open them bigger in a new, very nice viewer that Google has provided us with.

December 26, 2011


Wow! We were playing at what the regulars are calling "New Dog Beach" and I hear a rushing sound, look up and directly over my head is this bald eagle.  He circled once then headed west, but he stayed about long enough for me to get this great photo.  I was zoomed out to 200mm, and he takes up about a third of the frame, 200 being pretty short for bird photography, so he was pretty close. Wow!

December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Happy Holidays Everyone.  Finnegan is on guard to fend off any grinches and grumps, as you can see.  Stand alert Little Big Man.

 Great photograph of my girl Nina Blanca . . . Go girl . . .

 because here comes our boy Chocolate . . .

I also photograph people, on rare occasion;

We tried for more dogs in the picture, but they said "No Way, it is a people picture."  This is Steve, hey! where's Bronwyn? Steve and Bronwyn's family.  They are favorite dog walking friends for my kids and I, the reason they made it onto the weblog. Finny loves Brisbane, their tricolour Aussie. Steve is on the left and Bronwyn is hiding in the back on the left.  I do believe it is Bronwyn's sister second from right, and I know that is Katie in the middle, purple vest.
I barely got this photo exposure wise, it took some serious photoshop manipulation to get this to be workable. But there it is. I vastly overexposed. Bad timing. Should have used flash.

December 19, 2011

German Shorthair Pointers

The Wild Bunch.  I took this photo several years ago.  Got lots of mileage out of it. 

Today at Norm's I was walking with Missy, Emma, Finnegan, and my kids and we met a couple that had with them a baby Shorthair.  We were amazed at it's small size and wondered if there were such a thing as a miniature German Shorthair.  The guys in this picture I believe were 8 weeks when I took the picture, but after today I question that.

This is my first post in a couple months.  I am going back in history just to get something posted and see if I can get myself to post on a much more regular basis.