December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Happy Holidays Everyone.  Finnegan is on guard to fend off any grinches and grumps, as you can see.  Stand alert Little Big Man.

 Great photograph of my girl Nina Blanca . . . Go girl . . .

 because here comes our boy Chocolate . . .

I also photograph people, on rare occasion;

We tried for more dogs in the picture, but they said "No Way, it is a people picture."  This is Steve, hey! where's Bronwyn? Steve and Bronwyn's family.  They are favorite dog walking friends for my kids and I, the reason they made it onto the weblog. Finny loves Brisbane, their tricolour Aussie. Steve is on the left and Bronwyn is hiding in the back on the left.  I do believe it is Bronwyn's sister second from right, and I know that is Katie in the middle, purple vest.
I barely got this photo exposure wise, it took some serious photoshop manipulation to get this to be workable. But there it is. I vastly overexposed. Bad timing. Should have used flash.


  1. These are lovely shots, Ken. Especially the one of Nina captured her motion perfectly. We were there today too, but only for a very short while. Hope you and your pups had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Your photos of Brisbane are fantastic! As are all of your pictures. Next time I am visiting Bronwyn, I hope to get some pointers from you on how to use my camera. Thanks and Happy New Year, B's sister, Lysette