December 19, 2011

German Shorthair Pointers

The Wild Bunch.  I took this photo several years ago.  Got lots of mileage out of it. 

Today at Norm's I was walking with Missy, Emma, Finnegan, and my kids and we met a couple that had with them a baby Shorthair.  We were amazed at it's small size and wondered if there were such a thing as a miniature German Shorthair.  The guys in this picture I believe were 8 weeks when I took the picture, but after today I question that.

This is my first post in a couple months.  I am going back in history just to get something posted and see if I can get myself to post on a much more regular basis.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful lovely picture...captures their puppy enthusiasm perfectly. I want one for my wall (the picture, not a puppy). Nice work on both the picture, and using it to revive the life of your blog.