May 24, 2014

More to Come (maybe not)

This is Rudy.  Beautiful high energy dog that walks at Norm's with his peep Karen and friend Nikki.

We have several new photos to post, but since it is a holiday and I expect everyone is looking at my blog I figured that I better get to it.  I will.

April 16, 2014

First Timer - Bentley

Hey Whatcha doin?  This is Bentley.  Last Thursday, April 10 was his first time at Norm's.  To say that he had a blast would be to understate it.  All new stuff.  At first he was a bit shy of my "big" dogs, but he cottoned on quickly.  He is a great little man, he has a wonderful presence about him.  He will be walking at Norm's with his peep Sharon.  We enjoyed walking with him emmensely.

As always, one click on the photo and it gets BIG.

Notice The Green Stuff?

Wadda ya mean, I'm in a rut.  Go on, get your dogs to sit like this every time you ask.  This is close to being our official spring portrait, but alas, not enough green.

Strike a Pose Chocolate

My beautiful confirmation perfect TRose Kennels Master Chocolatier Dulce de Leche.  23 inches at the shoulders, perfect. 56 pounds. Perfect.  Actually his eyes are too big. Not perfect.  Pink nose, not perfect. Oh well.  I never even registered  him.  I just love him and He just loves me. My very bestest buddy he is.

Fergus's Day is Everyday! at Norm's

This is the boss.  Fergus.  He walks at Norm's every morning with his peep Larry.  Fergus is small but carries a big attitude.  On this day we found him to be pretty playful, so we took the opportunity to snap a few photographs of him.

Don't let anyone fool you, Fergus is a really great fella.  We like him. Even Blanca gives him the nod.

Choco Blanca's Sister Little Girl

Looking for something else yesterday I came upon this picture I took several years ago of Little Girl, the sister of Chocolate and Blanca.  She is a beauty, I think.
It was a very disappointing outdoor photo session, it was windy and the sky was clear and bright and the light was harsh and the dogs would not cooperate.  So I never, after one quick look, looked at the proofs again, until yesterday.  It still was a disaster, except for this picture of this beautiful girl.  I believe she would be 7 months old here.  Very regal look.

Master and Student

Chocolate, the student, is followed by the master, Diego.  Blanca could not care less about the ball, but she likes to harass her brother Chocolate.  Three happy dogs.
Diego taught Choco several things.  How to go for the ball with vigor, to go into the water after the ball, also with vigor (though Choco has not mastered that yet, he is still hesitant sometimes)
When they first met Diego would pick on Choco.  But now when they see each each other they run up and bump chests.  Choco idolizes Diego.  It is fun to watch.