September 27, 2017

Another Glorious Day, with New Friends

We met this young man at the climbing limb, along with his mother and his two wonderful pups.  This one, unfortunately I did not record names, was quite willing to climb up the tree.  Very high energy pups.  Very high energy young man.

Obviously mostly Border Collie in this beautiful pup.  Both are boys. I was lucky to get this, they did not stop to chat very often.

Not a day goes by that I do not take a dozen photos of my beautiful girl.

This is for reference.  I photographed this spot, which I call Froggie Spot, yesterday shrouded in fog.  Today it is bathed in sunlight.  I live this spot.  I should find a photo Michael E Garcia took of me and my pups walking in the distance.  I will do it.

I love Norm Schoenthal Island.  Norm's is what keeps me sane living in Billings in the red state of Montana and in the modern world.  This evergreen marks what I have calculated to be the half way point if you walk the circumference of the Island

September 25, 2017

Foggy Cool and Beautiful Fall Day

What a gorgeous morning. When we arrived at Norm's this morning the fog was just beginning to lift.  So we walked fast so we could get to the water before it was burned off. The fog was still in the canal.  Everything was was so soft.

The fog was leaving when we got to the river.  We were able to catch some on the opposite shore, as mist rising off the water.  Beautiful.  

Froggy spot was still holding fog as we went by, racing to the canal.  I did not hear any frogs in froggy spot this year.  Maybe they are gone.  I might have just missed them.

The fog lingered in the interior for a while longer.  What a wonderful day.  It looks like we will be going to Norm's all week, the forcast is for mavelous.

September 13, 2017

Rollin rollin Rolling . . . .

The days are sliding by.  Been some time since we posted.  But, we are still goin to Norm's, now especially since the bugs are gone.  Fall is the best time.  It is still warm, the bugs are gone, it is dry.  We can start to explore the nooks and cranies of Norm's Island.  There are nooks?

Walking today we met our good friend Michael E. Garcia and his constant companion Diego Garcia.  Diego has convinced Mike that there is simply too much walking going on, so Mike got this rig to let Diego ride in leisure.

Pretty Cool! hey