December 30, 2011

Our Friend, Brisbane

Here he comes. Blanca, Chocolate, Finny and I, walk with Brisbane and his peoples Steve and Bronwyn quite often, sometimes several times a week. I seldom am able to get very good pictures of Bris because, well, he is a fast moving ball of fur.  But today I worked on it and got some good ones.

Bris is a big boy, weighing I think 65 pounds. Chocolate is 54. He must be part Clydesdale, like Choco. Look at those big feet.

Good looking boy. I would like to get Brisbane with Chocolate for a group portrait, but they ignore each other. Or worse.

One of Brisbanes favorite activities is guarding the edge of the river or the ditch so that whoever, especially Finny, is down by the water cannot get back up. Ha! On Guard!

Oh, poor little innocent Finny.  Don't be fooled, these two energetic boys are the greatest of friends.

Is Finn trying to get Bisbane's Christmas scarf?  Finn can be seen returning the the biting favor quite often. Finny is an instigator. Well, so is Brisbane. Quite the pair. They have a great time together. Fun to watch.

Clicking on any of these photos will open them bigger in a new, very nice viewer that Google has provided us with.

December 26, 2011


Wow! We were playing at what the regulars are calling "New Dog Beach" and I hear a rushing sound, look up and directly over my head is this bald eagle.  He circled once then headed west, but he stayed about long enough for me to get this great photo.  I was zoomed out to 200mm, and he takes up about a third of the frame, 200 being pretty short for bird photography, so he was pretty close. Wow!

December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Happy Holidays Everyone.  Finnegan is on guard to fend off any grinches and grumps, as you can see.  Stand alert Little Big Man.

 Great photograph of my girl Nina Blanca . . . Go girl . . .

 because here comes our boy Chocolate . . .

I also photograph people, on rare occasion;

We tried for more dogs in the picture, but they said "No Way, it is a people picture."  This is Steve, hey! where's Bronwyn? Steve and Bronwyn's family.  They are favorite dog walking friends for my kids and I, the reason they made it onto the weblog. Finny loves Brisbane, their tricolour Aussie. Steve is on the left and Bronwyn is hiding in the back on the left.  I do believe it is Bronwyn's sister second from right, and I know that is Katie in the middle, purple vest.
I barely got this photo exposure wise, it took some serious photoshop manipulation to get this to be workable. But there it is. I vastly overexposed. Bad timing. Should have used flash.

December 19, 2011

German Shorthair Pointers

The Wild Bunch.  I took this photo several years ago.  Got lots of mileage out of it. 

Today at Norm's I was walking with Missy, Emma, Finnegan, and my kids and we met a couple that had with them a baby Shorthair.  We were amazed at it's small size and wondered if there were such a thing as a miniature German Shorthair.  The guys in this picture I believe were 8 weeks when I took the picture, but after today I question that.

This is my first post in a couple months.  I am going back in history just to get something posted and see if I can get myself to post on a much more regular basis.

October 24, 2011

Napoleon, For Our New Friend Missy

Napoleon is one of the coolest dogs about town.  I met him when he was a young pup, this picture was taken in December of 2008.
I post this today because this morning we met a really cool woman, and I hope a new friend, Missy, and she likes French Bulldogs. Besides, it is about time that Napoleon made an appearance here on the weblog, since I hold him in such high regard.
A truly beautiful boy.

October 23, 2011

We Had Fun at Wine and Whiskers - Great Fun!

Linda and I had a fantastic time last evening at the Rimrock Humane Society's Wine and Whiskers.  I took many photographs, and have posted them on their own page. For those interested in purchasing larger sizes and better quality than can be had by right clicking and downloading them from this webblog, please contact me, all proceeds will go to the Rimrock Humane Society.
I have created a separate page for the photographs:  Wine and Whiskers Photographs
I just discovered that if you click on the first photograph on the Wine and Whiskers page, the photographs will open big in a viewer.  A new feature in the ever evolving world of Google.

September 21, 2011

Finally, a Post from Norm's Island

Do I Love This Picture?
Hello, I am back. Sorry I took such a long break, but many reasons contributed to my long absence.  It was no fun taking photos when it was hot and buggy, it was no fun being stuck in front of the computer when it was so beautiful outside, it was a lot of fun being totally lazy for awhile.
Above we have my beautiful Nina Blanca and one of her favorite playmates, Snickers.
We have been walking at Norm Schoenthal Island again for about a month now. I usually avoid the Island in the summer because the bugs are unbearable. But for some reason they have not been bad this year.  I went out one day just to see what the Island looked like after the flood and the oil spill, Voila` I have been there everyday since.

I will make an effort now to keep the posts coming. Apologies to those of you that follow my weblog regularly. I will try to make up for it. How? hum.

Chocolate and Finnegan are always having this issue between them. Our friend Finny walks with us now officially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Choco, Blanca and I enjoy his company, and he behaves really well, for a one year old.

August 23, 2011

I Like This But Not That

Every morning while I drink my morning coffee I look at the computer.  The first site I look at is The Online Photographer.  This morning he had a link to this: Carli Davidson - Dogs Shake

I do not like it. Interesting, technologically interesting, yes, as a science project okay, but as something I want of my dog, no.

But, I do like this :

It is a Pedigree dog food commercial. Not such a great food maybe, but a great commercial.  I love it when the wiry brown dogs feet leave the ground.

What do you think?

August 13, 2011

Dash for Dog Parks 2011

Saturday was the Second (to be annual?) Dash for Dog Parks.  It was a great great success, seemed so to me.  I got some great photos.  I have made a page: Dash for Dog Parks 2011
My favorites I show here. I had fun. Thanks to my friend Linda for her help, she made me be outgoing for a change.
Snoopy is ready for the race, but in the meantime he is curious about the camera.

It was nice for me, lots of beautiful dogs, and women too ;-)

The beginning of the race was awkward because the runners had to make a hard right immediately after the start shot, so those on the east side had a definite advantage to get to the best photo position. That of course is very important.

One, Two and Three, of the runners that ran with dogs, that was 2 k, I do believe. Apologies to the top female finisher, I was distracted by dogs in the swimming pools and when I swung about to catch her I missed. Sorry number 210.
In the rush I forgot to pass out business cards, so none of these people know they are on the web, so if you know anyone in the pictures, please let them know they are at least in a minor way, famous.

August 11, 2011

Kingston, Ragny, Bella . . .

This photograph needed to start a new post, it is a great one.
Three happy dogs. Kingston is in front, Ragny in the middle and Bella is looking over the top at Kingston. They walk together everyday, recently at High Sierra, so they are all good buddies. They are just arriving at the park so are really full of energy.

Arriving with the above trio, but staying out of their way is Milton. Milton is one of our senior citizen dogs.  He is very lucky that his friend Kelley has the patience to bring him with everyday. I am sure it makes him very happy to be out with the family. He moves slow, but he gets there.  Love the light around his ears.

Jake strikes this pose alot, but I had to take advantage of the great light and get it again. In bright sunlight it is hard to make him look good. I like him looking over his shoulder. Quite the profile this boy strikes.

Remy scopes out the horizon.  There is a group of horses that walks the fence in the distance, maybe that is what she sees. I love the light on this day.


Trying to get myself back into the posting groove, and a good way for me to get started is with a photo of my wonderful happy girl Nina Blanca. Running. We had a grey day at the beginning of the week and I was able to get a few photos. It was good light.

 I love to watch my Nina run.

August 8, 2011

The Sluggish Poster

I have slowed down quite a bit in my posting, apologies to my regular watchers, I know it is annoying. We have had a really long run of really bright sunshine, which of course is great, but not so great for pictures, and the kids and I have been walking exclusively at High Sierra Park which is a very sunny spot. I will put some new pictures up today, I got some new ones I am happy with yesterday. I have been seeing the same dogs everyday now for two months, which also dulls my enthusiasm for picture taking. I will snap out of it.

Next Saturday is Dash for Dog Parks at High Sierra Park, this should generate some great photos. It should be a great day for dogs.  Keep watching.

July 29, 2011

Finnigan Friday

Nice photograph of my friend Finnigan, or as we call him Finny. Finn is my friend Linda's buddy and devoted companion and they both joined us on Friday morning for our outing at High Sierra Park. Finny loved meeting all the other dogs. He is a very energetic little man. Finns mom was a Sheltie, and his father was a Miniature Schnauzer. Looks like a good combination.

Finn is pretty quick, and much more athletic than my boy Chocolate, who is looking kinda tired in this picture. Finny taught Choco to be a ball dog I do believe. Finny is really good at bringing the ball back and laying it at your feet, and is a tireless ball retriever, actually he will retrieve anything you will throw for him. I think that Chocolate saw how much Finn was having and copied him. I had Choco playing ball, but he would only do it a few times then seem to loose interest. Not anymore, he is now a full fledged ball dog.

Finnigan had a really great time playing with Clover, who has an energy that matches Finnigans. They ran together quite a while. With the mud on Clover, they are a good colour match too.

Linda has the Chuck-it in hand and about to throw the ball. Throw the ball says Chocolate. I need to work with this and get his head down and get a better angle. He just shakes with anticipation, should make for some great photographs.

July 24, 2011

One Happy Dirl ( Dog Girl )

We took a drive last week with our friend Linda, and a short ways south of Bridger we made a side excursion down a dirt road. We found a beautiful spot next to a small stream, and this made Nina Blanca very happy. She bounded about joyfully. It was a delight.
In case you were wondering, Chocolate is a boggie. As in bog, not boogie. Such silliness.

July 21, 2011

Fun with Dogs in Billings Montana

I am having change the subtitle of my weblog because I have not been to Norm Schoenthal Island for a month now because of the flooding and the oil spill (grrrrr)

So, for the time being I have changed the subtitle to:

I hope that we can get back to Norm's real soon, I love going to Norm's Island, I have been walking there regularly now for well over ten years. Plus, for myself, I get more exercise there because we have to at least walk around the island, and usually we go around at least twice. It is not so much fun at High Sierra to walk about, though the dogs seem to enjoy it there quite a bit.

Three Spanish Shepherds - Cool

Blanca again. It was cloudy when I got to High Sierra this morning, great for taking pictures of Blanca. It did not last, by nine the clouds were gone.

Blanca, Bozzy, and Chocolate. Not a very good picture, but the only one I got of the three Spanish Shepherds. Bozzy is great. I love to watch her, she is so similar to my Blanca. Today she was very friendly to me, the first time I saw her, she was shy of me. She still is worried about the camera.

Blanca and Bozzy played together quite a bit today. They both move and run the same, have similar facial expressions. I love to watch them.

Here we see the big difference. Bozzy has a tail. Oh, I wish my Blanca still had her tail, she would be even more beautiful. Great tail Bozzy.

Chocolate being very happy. In the last few weeks Choco has discovered that he is a ball dog. It has changed his attitude totally. Amazing. He is much more outgoing. I think that having a job, the ball, has given him more confidence. My beautiful boy.

One more picture of our favorite girl Bozzy. We look forward to seeing you again Bozzy. Thanks for a fun day at High Sierra Park.

Blanca, Kelley and Russian Olives

Niña Blanca does a perfect pose for me. At High Sierra Park again. It has become our regular destination every morning since Norm's has been closed because of flooding and the oil spill (grrrrr).
She seeks the shade all the time because the sun causes her eyes discomfort.  When she is in the sun she looks like she is taking a nap standing up. Her pupils do not close so she has to compensate by closing her eyelids. So obviously she is much happier on cloudy days.
We has some clouds this morning but they were mostly gone by 9.

 Daisy, Ragny and Kingston. This is an updated version of a picture I posted a week ago, or so. The colour was horrendous in the first version. I will leave it up, for those interested.

 Kelley seems to have a magnetic way about her. Or is that a ball in her hand? But Holden is interested in why I am pointing the black eye at him. Let's see, l-r, someone I cannot make out, then Jake, my Chocolate, Holder, Bella, and Ragney. Pay attention guys.

July 20, 2011

Buddy (with the Red Ball)

Buddy is a beautiful Belgian Meloiwah. He is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward when the day arrives and there are clouds in the sky again so I can get a good photograph of him without this harsh light.  Buddy loves his red ball.

Buddy arrives in the field, and Chocolate runs out to greet him. Buddy is a pretty soft dog, so Chocolate likes him.

To balance things out, here is Buddies other side. This red ball is a Kong, so it is really heavy, and really expensive. That is okay, Buddy seldom lets it out of his sight.


This is Kingston. He is a Boston/Miniature Pincher mix, about I think three years old. Kingston is a true athlete, running and keeping up with dogs three-four times his size, never being intimidated. Plus after all that, he is a nice guy. Chocolate likes Kingston, which is important.

I love this photograph. Kingston talks to Remy, an Akita Bernise Mountain Dog Mix. Remy is about one year old, and is one of our favorites. He is very energetic. Is that synonymous with one year old?

I let the day go by without getting this beautiful boys name. It was his first visit with the morning group at High Sierra Park. He immensely enjoyed himself. So much fun to watch.

July 12, 2011

Game; Stick Keep Away

So. Remy has the stick, and a very nice stick it is. But of course, this is going to get some attention from the other dogs, and here they come . . .

Kingston, in the foreground seems to be first to notice, but then Remy the lab has an interest too.

And the game is on. Blanca does not usually go for sticks in games like this, but she likes to keep in the thick of it.

Kingston, psychologically much bigger than he physically is, really wants that stick. Clover has joined the chase.

Remy and Remy. Remy the Lab almost has it.   p.s. he doesn't get it.

They are really having a wonderful time. I love Kingston in this photo. They have fun. It is a joy to watch.