July 21, 2011

Blanca, Kelley and Russian Olives

Niña Blanca does a perfect pose for me. At High Sierra Park again. It has become our regular destination every morning since Norm's has been closed because of flooding and the oil spill (grrrrr).
She seeks the shade all the time because the sun causes her eyes discomfort.  When she is in the sun she looks like she is taking a nap standing up. Her pupils do not close so she has to compensate by closing her eyelids. So obviously she is much happier on cloudy days.
We has some clouds this morning but they were mostly gone by 9.

 Daisy, Ragny and Kingston. This is an updated version of a picture I posted a week ago, or so. The colour was horrendous in the first version. I will leave it up, for those interested.

 Kelley seems to have a magnetic way about her. Or is that a ball in her hand? But Holden is interested in why I am pointing the black eye at him. Let's see, l-r, someone I cannot make out, then Jake, my Chocolate, Holder, Bella, and Ragney. Pay attention guys.

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