July 4, 2011

High Sierra Park

Since Norm's is out of commission, what with the river rushing over it, and now ExxonMobile's oil fouling the edges, we hope just the edges, we have been walking at High Sierra Park.  It has been really hot, so it is more sitting and waiting for dogs to come along to play with. We do not see may people or dogs out there. Maybe I go too late in the day.

But, we do see this beautiful girl most days with her friends Zoe and Bruce. This is Lucy, and she loves her frisbee.

She is really good at catching it.  I need to get further out so I can catch her face better, but . . .

She did want to show me she caught it, or is she showing Chocolate?  Lucy has the most beautiful tail. She has long hair but currently she is sporting her "summer cut"

This is Remy doing the chasing. He still is a pup, as is the youngster leading the way.

I see Remy at Norms quite often but I have never gotten a good photo of him. I did a little better out here way above Billings.

Remy is a  . . . . I know, I will replace the dots when I remember.  This photo is a good test of my len's bokey (the rendering of out of focus areas) Not too good I would say. Looks blocky to me.

One beautiful boy here. A Belgian Shepherd Malinois.  Be right back, I must go check that spelling. I unfortunately do not have his name. I should.


  1. I love the shot of Remy chasing the other Remy! Great photos yet again...Remy is an Akita and Burnese Mountain Dog I believe?

  2. oops my last comment was wrong...that wasn't Remy with Remy...boy they look exactly alike!