July 8, 2011

Dogs, Fun, Sun . . .

I am just going to post these photos, at least for now, they speak for themselves. I got carried away and picked to many, but there are some good ones.  The location is High Sierra Park.
Later.  I will try to add some names. I got some help from Kelley. Thanks Kelley.

This I needed not help with. This ball boy is Buddy. He is VERY attached to his ball
Circling about each other we have Buddy, Remy on the right, and the smaller feisty boy is Kingston.

My Nina Blanca liked this girl, Clover. Clover was having the time of her life this morning. She is a very beautiful girl.

Well, Remy got Buddy's ball, so he is going to be the object of Buddy's attention for awhile.

My kids Nina Blanca and Chocolate keeping an eye on the action.

Remy on the left, getting acquainted with Jake. Jake comes to the park with his friends Buddy and Vita.

We have two Jakes. Signaling his desire to play here is the other Jake we had at High Sierra today.

Kingston and Jake.  They are great buddies. Kingston is much bigger than he looks.

Buddy giving chase on Jake.  They are a good match. Everybody was simply having a ball, it was great, so much fun to watch. Thanks everybody.


  1. We had a blast this morning, always better when there are lots of dogs running around. We are usually up there alone, so always nice to run into others. They got a little growlie (Jake) when they started to tire out, but what fun they had. The pictures are awesome Ken. Thank you,
    Vita, Jake, and Buddy