July 5, 2011

Daisy & Friends at High Sierra

This morning was a special morning at High Sierra Park. I met Daisy. I see Daisy and Kingston at Norms regularly.  Kingston always runs up to me and jumps up, but I never thought Daisy even saw me.  Today she came over and slid up next to me so I could pet her head and sat down next to me. I was surprised. A new dog.  Blanca was not too excited about this development though.
Above we have Daisy and Kingston with their walking friend Jake in the back.
The sun is so hard, the light so overwhelmingly bright, so pictures are difficult. I exposed the photo above reading off Daisy, but I still had to tweek it radically to get it to look like anything. Bigger than this it would not work. I am enjoying my new world of outdoor dog photographpy, but oh, I miss the studio sometimes, especially on bright summer days.
It was beautiful this morning at High Sierra, a slight breeze kept it from being unbearably hot.

This beautiful girl is Dagny. I wonder what his mix is. She sure has a chow nose and tail. There is some feathering on her front legs. She is a very happy friendly girl. She photographs well. Could have some Australian (Spanish) Shepherd in her, what with the color and the stance. Anyway, I like her.

Nice picture of Dagny cutting across in front of us. High Sierra Park is a good spot for dogs to run, it is open and expansive.
We were wondering why, instead of a spending so much money on a dog park, High Sierra Park couldn't be designated an off leash area.  I have been going often, and have only seen a couple people jogging.  I guess that is the reason for a dog park, because many dogs, especially young ones, chase joggers. Much to the joggers understandable dismay. Well, then, how about a fence set 10 feet in from the current fence to create a jogging trail, joggers only.  Hey! Not likely is it. Then there are the Frisbee Golf people.

 A couple more dogs enjoying the open space to run free. Had to get my kids in here somewhere.

 Exposure is way off but it is such a great photo I tried to salvage it. Need to work on the colour still.

One more.  Dagny says "look at this beautiful place we have to play"  I think where Dagny is standing is the proposed dog park. From the mowed area down to the telephone and fence line. We think. Don't really know. 11 acres I heard the other day, from someone apparently more informed than me.

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  1. Great photos! You do a great job! Your question of Dagney however, she is a girl :) and I too think chow and aussie. Love the photos! Will have to order some prints! Thanks