August 13, 2011

Dash for Dog Parks 2011

Saturday was the Second (to be annual?) Dash for Dog Parks.  It was a great great success, seemed so to me.  I got some great photos.  I have made a page: Dash for Dog Parks 2011
My favorites I show here. I had fun. Thanks to my friend Linda for her help, she made me be outgoing for a change.
Snoopy is ready for the race, but in the meantime he is curious about the camera.

It was nice for me, lots of beautiful dogs, and women too ;-)

The beginning of the race was awkward because the runners had to make a hard right immediately after the start shot, so those on the east side had a definite advantage to get to the best photo position. That of course is very important.

One, Two and Three, of the runners that ran with dogs, that was 2 k, I do believe. Apologies to the top female finisher, I was distracted by dogs in the swimming pools and when I swung about to catch her I missed. Sorry number 210.
In the rush I forgot to pass out business cards, so none of these people know they are on the web, so if you know anyone in the pictures, please let them know they are at least in a minor way, famous.

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