August 11, 2011

Kingston, Ragny, Bella . . .

This photograph needed to start a new post, it is a great one.
Three happy dogs. Kingston is in front, Ragny in the middle and Bella is looking over the top at Kingston. They walk together everyday, recently at High Sierra, so they are all good buddies. They are just arriving at the park so are really full of energy.

Arriving with the above trio, but staying out of their way is Milton. Milton is one of our senior citizen dogs.  He is very lucky that his friend Kelley has the patience to bring him with everyday. I am sure it makes him very happy to be out with the family. He moves slow, but he gets there.  Love the light around his ears.

Jake strikes this pose alot, but I had to take advantage of the great light and get it again. In bright sunlight it is hard to make him look good. I like him looking over his shoulder. Quite the profile this boy strikes.

Remy scopes out the horizon.  There is a group of horses that walks the fence in the distance, maybe that is what she sees. I love the light on this day.

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  1. Great Shots. Very Impressive Sharpness. Mike/Diego