January 31, 2012

Best Friends

We started out taking Little Big Man, Finny, with us just on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Then we added Wednesday, then Saturday.  Finally we decided we really liked The Little Man and we would stop off and get him every morning.  He predictably is looking out the window as we drive up to the house.  It took a while, but Chocolate finally accepted LBM and they have become great buddies.  Choco even defends Finn from bigger dogs, though Finnegan needs no protection, the reason we call him LBM.

 Little Big Man.  Finny and I get along really swell.  He comes when I call, and he has been doing a really good job of not jumping when I yell for him to not do so.  It is complicated keeping him from jumping, because the little man likes to dance, Linda has taught him, so he has gotten used to being on his back legs. He is quite the dancer. I need to get a video up of him.
Finnegan's mom was a Sheltie, his dad was a Schnauzer. He has energy in abundance.

 Blanca liked Finnigan the first time they met.  They are great buddies, and keep us entertained for hours with their shenanigans. The love to wrestle and play the mouthing game.

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