December 2, 2016

Keller, Braille and friend Ozzie, the Double Merles

Photos by Rose Adler Photography
I stumbled across a page today on Facebook about a woman that is trying to educate the world, and breeders, about the issue of mating merle to merle. My Nina Blanca is white, deaf, and vision impaired because both of her parents were blue merle. Any merle coloring will do the same, so red merle to red merle is a no no also. My boy Chocolate is a red merle.
Here is the link to their website if you are interested in this issue.

Well, curses. I just was told that the photo above is Keller and Ozzie. So I will put a photo of Braille.

This is Braille. Braille is both deaf and blind. Keller is vision impaired like my Blanca.
I thank kellerscause for letting me use their photographs. I love that they are educating the world about this issue. My Nina Blanca to me is the greatest dog in the world (you did not hear that Choco) but it would be great if all breeders would be aware of this issue and were responsible about it. Luckily for Keller, Braille and Ozzie, there are big hearted people in the world.

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