October 15, 2012

Walking With Our Friend Missy . . .

We were fortunate this morning to get to the Island at about the same time as our good friend Missy Seu.  We stopped at one of our favorite stick chasing spots and Finny, Chocolate and Emma chased sticks.  Emma is taking a turn out here.  So; Lucy, Missy holding my Nina Blanca, and Emma.
The weather was absolutely perfect.  One could not feel the air, the temperature was perfect. So wonderful.

Technocolour Chocolate.  As I am writing I am aware that I am always describing our times spent at Norm Schoenthal Island in very superlative terms. Well, that is the way it is.  Maybe I will do a post on politics.  Maybe not.

The Slough.  Had to look up the spelling on that one.  One just floats around the island in a sea of visual stimulation.  Was that too much?

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