April 19, 2011

A Break From Spring

This flock of Pelicans has been here for a couple of days now. This is the best I can get. Mike and Diego were out with their long lens, so maybe they got closer. I am sure they did. Consider this a "context' photograph.

Mikes jacket was the only spot of color we saw today. It was very grey and when we were at the Island it was snowing. I must remind everyone that today is April 19, and I took these pictures today.

Guest Photographer Michael Garcia

Mike sent me these two great photos he took. Above I have a photo of him at work while he was capturing these great Pelican photos. Thanks for sharing these Mike.

Back to our regular programing, your weblog hosts pictures . . . .
 Of course, the kids absolutely loved it. They love the snow and the cold. They play much harder when there is snow. Everyday we stop at this spot in the middle of a field and they play chase around a pile of dead tree limbs. It is good because they tire themselves out a little as soon as we get to the Island.

Blanca is showing off the booboo she has on her right paw here. It is doing okay, she cut it somehow.

 Probably cannot see this very well, but this is their favorite pile of trees. They go under them over them and around them. They love this spot. Almost cannot see Nina Blanca.

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  1. Ken, thanks for the post. Always a fan of free publicity. Mike/Diego