April 5, 2011

Niña Blanca Makes a New Friend

We were all standing about at the Sandy Place when this happy boy came along. Unfortunately we did not get any names, maybe next time. He and Blanca really took to one another.  UPDATE: we found out today, April 20, that this is Scout, and he has no greyhound in him at all. But he sure is happy and he sure can run. Today he ran huge circles around us with Choco and Blanca in pursuit. Fun.

We did get that he may be part Grey Hound. He is very thin and he can really run. Fast. He seemed to be very young.

All the dogs just love the Sandy Place. It is soft to run, and there is a beach to take refreshments. What else could a happy dog want. Playmates, Sand, and a Beach. There are usually some treats too.

Look at those beautiful feet go. He and Blanca ran and ran huge circles, ignoring everybody else.

Thanks for the great show guys.  Hopefully next weekend we will get your name.

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