April 7, 2011

Cannot Forget My Blanca

Blanca, Penny and Holly. I cannot let a day go by without a picture of my Niña Blanca being posted.

I thought I might try some off topic photographs today, all dogs might make Ken a dull photographer.
*Alert* Technical Talk. I have been unhappy with the color rendition I get sometimes so I spent several hours, I think it was Sunday, researching the topic.  I am a follower of Thom Hogan, and have his eBook guides for my cameras. Very informative. ( www.bythom.com ) So anyway, as he suggests, I downloaded some new Picture Controls from the Nikon website and installed them on my camera and I am much happier with the way my colors look now. I am using the color space from the Nikon D2. Interesting. The reds are less saturated, more neutral, which is to my taste. I never liked Fuji Velvia. I was a Vericolor kinda guy.  I did some experimenting today, and while I was at it, I took these two photos which I like.

That yellow bush really jumped out at me.  Maybe Velvia would have worked in this case. No.

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