April 4, 2011

It's True, I Really Like Beautiful Marne

Beautiful Marne.  She is a four year old Weimaraner. She is like a living sculpture. Marne walks with her friends Rick, Maggie and Spice Girl.

She is very soft and sweet. A wonderful dog. Nice job raising her Rick and ( I think Ricks wife is ) Bonnie.

Rick told Marne to pose, and this is what she did. What a natural. She knows she is beautiful.

It's pretty unfair to Maggie and Spice Girl that I obsess over Marne. Maggie and Spice Girl are beautiful too, but Maggie is a black lab, she keeps moving, doubly difficult to photograph. Spice, well, sorry Spice, but your turn will come.  Thanks Marne

1 comment:

  1. Great shot of Marne with her paw up. Very classic. ... And classy. Mike/Diego