May 1, 2011

May Day

I was looking for green today.  I photographed a bunch of it, but this is my favorite. Happy May Day.

We met this beautiful girl today, walking with her friends Dennis, Karen and Atti.  I learned about the baby owl from Dennis and Karen, it was they that found it, actually it was Atti, and Dennis and Karen took responsibility for it.  The little guy went to the zoo.  We are very happy to have confirmation that he will still have a chance in life. Apparently when he is older he will be brought back to Norm Schoenthal Island. Great.

This is a good photo of Atti, Attitude.  Atti was very photogenic, but I made technical mistakes and most of my takes were too dark. Me, make mistakes? Never! Well there is always a first time. Unlike in many life situations, maybe someday I will get a second chance. The light today kept changing rapidly, which makes photographing a bit more challenging. As an excuse; I was absorbed in talking about the baby owl. Pay attention Ken. But we got this cool photo of a very energetic spaniel.

Beautiful clouds today. I like this tree. Green below. I sure wish I had brought my polarizer, this is the perfect situation for one. c’est la vie

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