May 4, 2011

Rimrock Rover Ramble

Saturday, April 30 my kids and I went to the 9th annual Rimrock Humane Society's Rimrock  Rover Ramble.  Fun was had by all.  The 2011 Rimrock Rover Ramble brought in a total of $11,830 - WHAT A SUCCESS! This event is a fundraiser for Spay and Neuter Clinics. This is great. The weather was chilly and very windy.  I took a few pictures.

The beginning of the Serious Ramble, the 5 kilometer run.

If I am to trust my memory and my cameras file number sequence, these are the top three 5K winners, left to right one two three. Nice run, runners. Notice that they are in the lead in the first photo. Consistency.

 At this point I get confused about who is running and who is walking and who is finishing when, but my visual sense is still working and this is a great photo. Thanks runners number 513 and 524.

There were two finish lines, one for the 5K racers and walkers and one for the 3K racers and walkers. They were coming across both finish lines at the same time so I was running back and forth between the two places, so I may have missed finishers, but I do believe these are the first dogs to finish the 5K run. Order of finish left to right. Great run 481 and 494 and Rambling Rovers.

 Now with all that race stuff out of the way I get to post some fun photos. This is my favorite. Is that not the cutest dog and friend. I did not do a very good job with names this day. Too much action.

Are these dogs related?

These guys are all ready to Ramble. The dog on the right has something to say. 

Here is a pair of happy Ramblers. On the fence are outfits from ClassiClips, one of the sponsors of the Rimrock Rover Ramble.

What a couple of cuties this pair are. Cuties, can I use that?

 Aawww. If I did not already have my hands full with my wild bunch of kids I would have wanted to take this beautiful boy home with me.  This is Zorro, and he is the Rimrock Humane Societies newest boy looking for a forever home. He is absolutely gorgeous. Great, happy energy. He really liked this big brown long eared dog with the sneakers on.

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