May 17, 2011


I have not been posting for several days because I hurt my back last week and I cannot get down, down to a dogs level. But today I got some great takes of this wonderful Corgi Copper.  Great dog. I will post more as the day goes on. I got several good photos today, despite my back which I hurt again by slipping on a wet log.
It was wonderful today at the Island.

I love this.  The tree in the middle is what is in focus, but the good looking boy still comes out looking pretty good.  The Island is getting so wonderfully green.

 Add a bushy tail and I could say I got a good photo of one of our foxy friends. Almost.

Copper meets Chocolate.


  1. Hope your back is better soon. Your photos are always nice to look at!

  2. Yes! Copper does look like a fox. How are you feeling?