May 31, 2011

Back to Norm's Island

Chocolate, Blanca and I returned to Norm's Island today.  We were prepared for the worst, but it is not bad at all.  There is a lot of standing water, but only in a few places where it actually covers the path. This photo is right after you start, going right. See the garbage (poop) can in the distance. I wore old shoes and just walked through it. Not bad.  ChocoBlanca were very happy to be at the Island.

The flooding can be pretty.  This reflecting pool is seen from the cross path looking west.

There was a crew out removing downed trees from the paths. The greenery on the left is the top of a tree that fell inward. Its terrestrial footing was washed away.  There are some large pieces of real estate missing on the south side of the Island, washed away by a raging Yellowstone River.

This is on the cross path, and is the worst flooding there. Obviously a lot of water has receeded. There were indications that the water was everywhere at one point. I feel guilty for not having gotten out to document it. But, alas, I must remember that this weblog is about dogs, and I was not going to take my kids out while the water was rushing across the Island.
We had a very pleasant time today at the Island. We walked and talked to Mike, who had been out on Sunday to see for himself the situation.
We are happy that we will still be able to enjoy our favorite place.  The world has not come to an end after all.


  1. Ken, I love that phrase "terrestial footing". There's just something cool about it. I wonder if it would be appropriate to use should somebody slip in the mud? "Did you hear about Cathy losing her terrestial footing the other day while walking the island?" ... Okay, maybe not. Doesn't sound quite as poetic as a tree losing its terrestial footing. ... It was good running into you and the pups. Mike/Diego

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