May 22, 2011

Rain Means Green (amongst other things)

Wet Dog on a Field of Green.  We walked in the rain this morning for the first half of our walk. It was marvelous. The Island is turning so green. Beautiful green. Several paths have flooded, so one must walk till an impassable spot is reached then either ford on or turn back. So far it is not bad, and the west end of the island is easy, no flooding yet. The cross path is on the verge of going under, but if it does not rain anymore it may not flood.

"Come On You Guys, This Is The Way We Usually Go" Choco really wanted us to take the inner path, but Blanca and I felt staying on the main path a better idea. Sorry Chocolate.
I carried my little compact Canon S90 today, when I left my house it was raining hard so I was not going to carry my big rig. It is "kinda" moisture proof, but nah, no way. The Canon takes great pictures, but it is SLOW, so no action photos today.  When a dog actually talks, you must capitalize the first letter of each word. It's special, ya know.

 Just more beautiful green.  I Love It.  Don't think about all the ticks crawling about out there. Joking. So far this season we have not had much trouble with ticks, just a couple off each dog. None on me, but of course I am soaked in Permethrin.

 We walked today with the World's Cutest Puppy. Snickers.

This is one wet and pooped troupe.  Everybody had a wonderful time. As we were nearing the end of our walk the weather got to be rather nice, the rain stopped and it was warm and the air was exhilarating. Cathy is leading the pack, then Penny and Snickers, then Ann, Blanca, Ms Mel, and Lucky brings up the rear. My faithful boy Chocolate is by my side.  Love Ya Choco.

Three Beautiful Girls. Nina Blanca, Holly-showing off her wet weather outfit- and Harley, are ready to cross the bridge and get somewhere dry. Forget it Blanca, we are going around again.
A delightful day at Norm's Island. Thank you Shannon, Cathy, Ann and all the dogs for sharing your walks with us. Blanca, Chocolate and I sure enjoy it.

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