May 9, 2011

A Beautiful Grey Overcast Sunday

Sunday was a delightful grey day. It was cool. We met these beautiful boys by the Sandy Spot. This is Lucky on the left and Roper on the right. They were both lucky to be rescued by their friend Kale, who of course they were walking with.

Roper is a 2 year old Blue Healer. He is the nicest Healer I have ever met.  He was very relaxed and laid back. Nice dog. This is the best photo I was able to get of his wonderful white tail.

We met Ranger, who had spent the last few days in the mountains and had an adventure with a Grizzly Bear. This is the first photo of Ranger in his summer cut. I always have a difficult time getting Rangers eyes, they are coal black, and are set deep, so do not catch reflections much.

Yes, another picture of Marne. I like Marne, she is a great poser, and a beautiful and wonderful dog.

There were not many people at the Island today so we mostly saw our regular friends.  We met our big friend Max, who just got his summer haircut. It made him look quite a bit younger, and smaller. Max is always very happy to see me, which makes me feel good. Thanks Max.

This boy is a new one to us, we met him for the first time today. He is a Labrador Husky mix. This must be a good mix as he was a beauty with a very nice way about him. Unfortunately I forgot his name. Must remember to use the notepad.

We stayed at the Island today, Sunday, for almost three hours. We walked with our friends Debbie and Goofball, and then Rick, Marne, Maggie and Spice Girl.  Most of the time it was simply too dark for pictures, but we still got some good ones. Thanks to everyone we met for sharing their day with us. It was an enjoyable day.

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