May 19, 2011

Daisy & Esme

Today it is cool, overcast and rainy. A good stay at home and look at my backlog of photos day.
So I reach back for this picture of a two beautiful dogs we walked with on May 4th, along with their friend Susan.  Blanca and Daisy were great great friends the first time they met, but on this day they were cool to one another, maybe because Daisy had her friend Esme along with her.

 Is that a dog smile? Looks like one to me. Great tail too.
Daisy is a English Shepherd, only brown white I have ever seen, I thought they were all black and white, goes to show . . .  That is Esme's leg on the right.

Esmeralda I do believe is a Border Collie, but not sure. She was pretty energetic.  Nice dogs, both. We enjoyed walking with Daisy, Esme and Susan. Thanks.

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