May 18, 2011

Rising Waters (off topic-no dogs)

This photo was taken on, uh, oh, geez, I think the beginning of April. Below I have tried as best I could to reproduce the location and the cropping. I came close.  It was April 8.  I needed a polarizer on this series, I spent several hours today looking for one, I have several, no luck. Too much Stuff!

May 17, 2011,  yesterday.  It feels like there is much more water flowing down the channel than the photo suggests. I do believe it will come close to going over the bank in a few days.  This comparison is fun.

August 31, 2010. Now This has become an obsession. Where is the fall foliage picture? Such a lush looking scene. Norm's Island is beautiful. Any time of year. Thanks Norm. And Friends.

Got it!  October 24, 2010. Different camera, different cropping, I wanted to keep my dogs in the picture, plus are those not cool reflections?, but the same spot.

February 8.  Hey! Lets get carried away. I was looking for a fall foliage photo when I found this. Back to looking for the fall foliage picture.  Found it, see above.  There, got that out of my system. 
Winter is actually my favorite time at Norms.  It is quiet, fewer people and fewer bugs. It is easier to explore uncharted areas, my dogs love the cold ( not me ) I love the monotone colors, the greys and grey browns and the very muted tones of everything ( except Mikes Yellow Jacket ).
I know, I know, this series is too symmetrical,  too balanced, too boring, but hey! I like it. So there!

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