May 29, 2011

Wet Dogs for a Wet Day

Well, they are not as wet as they would be if this picture had been taken today.  It was taken April 17.  Choco and Blanca usually do not like to get their bellies wet, so to get a wetter dog picture it would need to be raining. But, I really like this photo, it is like a watercolour - no, like a painted photograph from the 1940's. My mother had a bunch of them.  I am really surprised I have not used it before.
It rained all day today. It is supposed to rain all day again tomorrow, which is Memorial Day.  We are looking forward to Tuesday when we are going to go to the Island and see how it looks.
I want to make an effort to post daily, even if we are not able to go to Norm's Island. I certainly have a huge backlog of dog pictures to choose from. Thanks for checking in.

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