June 2, 2011

Warm Beautiful June

I seem to be a sucker for these symmetrical verging in the distance photos. I am sure anyone that walks at the Island is familiar with this spot. That is the path running horizontal across the picture, disappearing at the spot were the sky is reflected.  It's the froggy spot.
We stayed at the Island for a couple of hours, just enjoying the warmth and the beauty. It is absolutely gorgeous.  The bird sounds are wonderful, and, how do I say, lots? Many birds at the Island now. So far there are no insects, so we are glorifying in that. I am happy when I am at Norm Schoenthal Island.

We walked across, waded across. Very muddy on the opposite shore. Despite all, it looked beautiful.

My teeth are bigger. Chocolate would win this comparison. Two dogs on green. I have not been seeing any dogs on our walks. Thus the scenery. We saw Diego on Tuesday.  I am sure I am missing someone, but that is all I remember. Few people it seems are visiting the Island, at least in the mornings. I see evidence of bikes though.

On the south side of Norm's there are quite a few changes.  Sand is one. Sand deposited on the path, and in other places big piles of rocks. The  piles of rocks makes one wonder at the power of the river.

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