June 4, 2011

Good Day for Chase The Stick

We walked this gorgeous Saturday morning with Debbie and Goofball. Goofy is such an impressive little dog. She is obsessed with wood, sticks, and loves to initiate games of chase and catch me if you can. Here she gets the game going with Blanca in pursuit.

We met this beautiful boy Riker walking along next to the raging Yellowstone River with his friends Larry, Laura and K-Lar. Star Trek dogs. Riker and Nina Blanca have their eye on Goofy, and the stick. They all had a wonderful time. Riker I believe is 7 months old. A great looking boy, and very lucky to have such good friends.

Here is the object of Riker and Blanca's attention, Goofball and the precious stick.

A nice action photo. Today was not a very good day for taking pictures, the sun was too bright, and too high. I need to get out earlier on sunny days. Especially bad for white dogs. But I got some good ones here, showing Joyful dogs at Norm Schoenthal Island. Thanks guys.

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