June 11, 2011

Studio Portraits of Chocolate and Pals

We have Daryl, Ace, Chocolate, and Little Girl. Not shown is White Girl(Blanca)
In looking through my files looking for studio photos to post, (we are not walking at Norm's, too wet yet, the river is supposed to peak today) I find to my amazement that I have never shown these two wonderful photographs of Chocolate and his siblings.  It was when I was taking these photographs that I met my true dog love Nina Blanca.  The breeder, Rose, did not want her in the photographs because she was not, uh, well, she is deaf, hardly up to breed standard. They did not know what to do with her, and so I heard coming out of my mouth "I will take her"

I love this photo. I am never certain who is who between Daryl and Little Girl, but I will guess that we have Daryl, Ace in the back with Little Girl below and Chocolate on the right.
Cannot believe I have never posted these before. Keyword Studio Dogs. Thanks for looking.

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