June 25, 2011

Yellowstone River Overwhelms Norm's Island

I quote Michael E Garcia;
"Unless you're wearing hip waders, getting completely around the island is most likely out of the question, because irrigation boots will not even get you to the middle of some of these water pools that block the trail.  And let's not forget the swarming, take-no-prisoner mosquitoes who are looking to eat you alive as you stand there."

I quote Michael E Garcia, again;
"From what I hear in the forecast, the waters are just going to get deeper for the next few days.  I'd stay clear of the island for awhile.  Although the off-island outside trail is a pretty nice place to walk the dogs."

I have been posting pictures taken from this spot for several days now, this it the southwest corner by the logjam, and the water is higher than ever.  I have never seen the water come even close to coming this high up on the bank at this location. I have never seen this much water on Norm's Island, needless to say, we will not be walking Norm's for some time to come.
I promise DOG pictures again soon. I will try now to get my weblog back to pictures of dogs instead of being a report on the conditions at Norm Schoenthal Island.
I had thought that we were through with tick season, but Nina Blanca picked a bunch today. She likes to scurry through the brush on the side of the trail. Chocolate, who stays by my side most of the time,  does not seem to have any.

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