June 18, 2011


Hello. Not much of a picture here, but to those of you that walk at Norms Island as a regular thing it will be interesting.  This is a picture of the very southwest corner of Norm's, known usually as the LogJam, you know, where every dog that comes to Norm's goes down for a drink of water after walking the hot and dry stretch along the irrigation channel.  You can just make out the bench in the shade of the tree.  I really needed to make a video of this because this still photo does not show how amazingly fast the water is moving. It is roaring past. The water is about to consume this corner of the Island. It is the best photo I could get to show how high the water is. Sorry for not doing better.  It was taken from the outer trail, which is west of the ditch. This certainly should clear out the logjam. Or bring in more. Who knows.
We did not walk on the Island today (Saturday), the water was up to the billboard and I figured it would be over my knees in several places, based on previous experience, so no go.  It may be awhile before we can go back. Then the mosquitoes will be there.

Blanca running to catch up. This is where we walked, west of the Island. High and dry as you can see.  Thanks to the owners of this land for allowing access, for not posting keep out and other such things. I expect it is owned by McCall Homes. I wonder who maintains the trail, it is nicely maintained. Thanks to them also.

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