June 6, 2011

Another Beautiful Day at Norm's

We got to walk with Debbie and Goofball again today, Sunday.  I have been trying for awhile to get a good portrait type photo of Goofball, but she is almost always on the move. For a brief moment today I got her attention and this was the result. Goof, we will have a word with Debbie about the size of your collar if you want us to. Maybe it's purpose is to slow you down some? Maybe.

This is the usual attitude I find Goof with. Running, jumping and engaging anybody and everybody. Great dog Goof is.

My daily photograph of my Nina Blanca. Kinda dirty she is. You can tell from this how far she likes to go into the water. Not far. But far enough that sand sticks to her when she comes out. What a mess. But, she has fun.

Hey Ken, someone is up there. Yes Chocolate, it's a woodpecker. You cannot get him.

Roper and Blanca. They played one on one for a long time.  They enjoyed one another a great deal. I am not so sure Roper came back after this nip on the behind. Jeez Blanc. Roper is a Blue Healer, a beautiful boy that walks with his friends Kale and Lucky.  He was featured a few posts back. I am always seeing the same dogs. I really need to try walking at different times of the day. Should, but I love the mornings. Maybe earlier.

We met this youngster near the Froggie Spot. He and goof had a really good time playing. His name is Angel, and he is six months old.

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