June 2, 2011

No Dogs, Just Chocolate, Nina Blanca, and Me.

We saw no dogs, no people either, except Norm Schoenthal and his friend driving in the repair vehicle. Just as we were leaving we saw Ron and Lex, and Hank and Amy. The island was pretty quiet, except for the wonderful sound of the birds. Which of course was great.

Looks like it will be a few more days until we can take our favorite path again. We picked up several ticks today, the most we have gotten this year.  Probably because we did some cross country walking from where I took this picture. I had followed a new bed of sand that lead here. The flooding deposited a bed of sand from the river to the inner trail.

 The only people I saw today until just as I was leaving. The Yellowstone River Parks Association vehicle out looking for issues to deal with. Norm Schoenthal driving. Thanks for all your great work. Norm Schoenthal Island is the most wonderful place in Billings, and for a great distance in any direction.

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