June 19, 2011

Great Day For Photographs

A Grey Overcast Day, and we got to walk with Cathy, Penny and Ms.Mel. Cathy said she likes overcast days, and today we agree with her. The colors were just great, saturated. And the dogs were all happy. Great combination.  Great photo of Penny. I like Penny. Yeah, I know, I say that about most dogs.

We met this youngster, Angel, walking on the outer trail. Beautiful energetic dog. Love this picture.

Today I make an exception and include a peep. It is because I like this picture. It feels really good. The road is on a curvy diagonal, the peep, Cathy, has a great smile and is standing at one third position and Penny and Ms Mel fill the foreground perfectly. Thanks girls.

Not what it looks like. The cold and wet Blanca looks to be saying "I wanna go home". But I know from experience that she is just taking a short break, looking to see what is going to happen next. She is an EverReady dog.

After walking with Cathy, Penny and Ms Mel we walked across the bridge to see what it looked like on the Island. I had not expected to walk it, but the water was down by quite a bit so we ventured forth. I had to wade most of the usual high water spots, it was higher than last time I was there, but not as high as it was reported on Saturday. I was last there Friday, I think. This is where the path meets the canal, irregation channel.  We have lost a good foot of land here, though the great folks that keep Norm's maintained had anticipated this and the path has been moved inland several feet.

Lost a big piece here. This is right next to the trail on the south side of the Island, directly on the river. Sorry to see the trees go. Must remember, change is good.

Whoa! be careful boy. Another tree down. There were several trees lost to the erosion. The Island lost a good piece of real estate at this location.

Just had to add one more. Days when it is overcast are the only days I can get good pictures of Blanca. She is a happy girl in this picture. Dogs are such a joy to watch run. They love it so much.

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